About us

Founded in 1956 and located in Southern Bohemia, Dita  production cooperative has been existing in the Czech market for more than 60 years. For this period of time, this cooperative  employing handicapped persons (VDI) has become one of the most important Czech  companies, offering highly demanded products both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Dita Tábor VDI is exporting 80 per cent of its production to the EU countries and also to other countries.

In addition to long term tradition, the quality  of Dita´s products is owed to  the most advanced technologies. The production in all four divisions – Metal, Textile, Plastics and Specialised Assembly -  has been continually innovated, developed and improved. Thanks to these endeavours, all  branches of activity and the products can demonstrate their quality by excellent references from the customers.

There is still one feature documenting DITA´ extraordinary position in the Czech market: The company is significant employer of handicapped persons. They constitute more than 50 per cent out of total number of 230 employees. On our workplaces, healthy and handicapped persons are working together, thus documenting that this unique working concept can provide sound base of the company and also offer meaningful jobs to handicapped people.

In 2016, where year DITA celebrated its 60th anniversary, it received  two significant awards: Responsible Company  of the Region 2016  and the second place in the Company of the Year 2016 category.  

As one of few companies in Europe, Dita has been granted the licence for use of the Outlast® thermoregulation material. This material has been originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. Our company uses this materiel in its textile products under the brands Little Angel®, Dita for Men® and Dita for women®. Unlike other thermoregulation materials, Outlast® material is blended with cotton. Sweating reduction by us much as 40%. It cools in hot weather and warms in cold weather, reducing temperature fluctuations. Now you can enjoy this comfort, thanks to our products.